From the multitude of different materials available today it is not difficult to find the optimum solution for each application. Here, we would like to give you an idea of the essential properties of these materials.

PVC: This allrounder foil is still the most popular material for the manufacture of dividers. The particular strengths of PVC are its durability, excellent printing properties both in screen and litho printing, and no limits on design. Standard thicknesses are 150, 200 and 300 microns.
PP: The typical office product foil of the last decade is polyprop, which can be recommended for short- and medium-term applications. The texture only allows single-colour text printing. This reasonably priced material is usually supplied in 200 microns.
  recommended for upmarket applications:
PriPlak®: This kind of polypropylene material is in ever-increasing demand. Due to the variety of options available, and its favourable surface properties PriPlak is a preeminently suitable material for individual dividers. Its printing suitability is similar to that of PVC. This material is available from 300 microns upwards.
Card: This material has experienced a comeback in recent years. We are supplied by all the big card and paper manufacturers so that we can meet any specific demand. We carry litho card in 170, 190 and 250 gsm. Printing is possible in both screen and litho.
  To improve the durability of card dividers we recommend:
Mylar® reinforcement: Our automatic Mylar machines protect those parts of the divider which are subject to the most wear and tear with a clear or coloured mylar tape. Both holes and tabs can be reinforced in this way, thus providing an attractive and durable alternative to plastic dividers.



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