Mylar® reinforcement

When card dividers experienced a renaissance a few years ago, the question was posed as to how their durability could be improved. We found the solution in other countries, where partially reinforced dividers - so-called Mylar® dividers - have been popular for some time.


At Plastoreg, it all began with one semi-automatic machine, and today we produce Mylar® dividers for our customers here and abroad on three fully automatic machines operating double shifts.
Our mylar® machines process the ready-printed card dividers as follows in one operation: the tabs are reinforced with clear or coloured mylar tape, and, the hole margin, if desired, with a strip or partial (“doughnut”) reinforcement; finally, the divider is punched and tabbed.

In this way, the most sensitive parts of the divider are protected from daily wear and tear and hence the value of the divider considerably augmented.

If this type of divider particularly interests you, we recommend that you download our Technical Data Sheet on Mylar® dividers.

Mylar® is a brand registered by DuPont Teijin Films U.S., Ltd Partnership

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