You can best find out about our individual and friendly customer service by actually getting into contact with us. On this page we would just like to introduce you to some extra information possibilities which can be utilised via internet.

Technical data sheets

Our technical data sheets provide you with a brief summary of important things to remember when ordering dividers from Plastoreg. There are two data sheets available as follows (to read these you will need Acrobat Reader):

 General Technical Data Sheet

 Technical Data Sheet for Mylar® dividers

Sample collection

Please fill in the form and we will send you our information folder.


To facilitate your enquiries you are welcome to make use of our online enquiry form which you can forward direct to us. For distribution within your company there is a blank enquiry form which can be downloaded and printed out as required.

 Enquiry form

We will call you!

Click on the Call-Me button and we will call you back immediately. Alternatively, you can, of course, call any of the contacts mentioned on our contact page.

Come and visit us!

You are welcome to pay us a visit at any time. A tour of our production facilities will give you an insight into what we have to offer. To facilitate your journey please download the area map.

Job ticket

Please do not hesitate to send us your artwork as a digital file. To ensure that we can use these effectively, please refer to the notes which summarise all the important points to remember. In order to minimise the risk of misunderstandings, we recommend that all digital files are also accompanied by a description document:

 Download Notes on Digital Artwork

Download Job Ticket

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